S.A.A Darts Review - 2023

Once again this season we had three teams competing in the competition that began in March and concluded in September.

After a few problems early, we went on to have a good season this year with 3rd Division S.A.A 1 finishing on top and going on to win the Grand Final - well done.

5th Division S.A.A 2 after some problems went on to finish third and went on to play in the Grand Final, however lost but finished as Runners Up - also well done.

5th Division S.A.A 3 competed well for most of the season, finishing in fifth place.

Overall, the club has had a successful season again and I wish to congratulate and thank all the players and those who made contributions to the success of S.A.A Dart Club.  I hope everyone has enjoyed their season of darts and look forward to seeing you all again in 2024.

In conclusion, I would like to extend to all those people who are interested in playing competition darts to come along and join our club. 

Any enquiries about Darts can be sourced by contacting Rod Moyle on 0413 150 947

Yours in Darts,

Rod Moyle - S.A.A Darts Co-ordinator