Established in 1951, Inglewood Bowling & Sports Club is a local institution which boasts a rich sporting history.

In 1958, the Sports Association of Australia (formerly known as the Sportsmens Association of Australia) was founded by professional billiards champion, the late Walter Lindrum OBE MBE for the purpose of fund raising for sports and charities.

A yearly award was also presented to a sportsperson who had excelled in their chosen sport, known as the Walter Lindrum Award, or 'The Lindy Award'.

As part of their aims, the Association established divisions in each state and the Western Australian division was introduced in 1963.  With the help of raised funds and donations, the Association purchased the Inglewood Bowling Club for their Western Australian headquarters in 1971.

The following years saw the club continue to develop and expand whilst also gaining a solid membership base.

In 1974, Inglewood Bowling & Sports Club hosted their first Lindy Award Dinner. These awards continued to gain exposure and would eventually be considered the most prestigious award in Western Australia recognised by sporting persons.

The Lindy Award would later be incorporated into the current WA Sportstar of The Year Awards.

Many notable West Australian sportspersons have been awarded the Lindy Award since it's inception and these names are etched into the history of the club.

The Lindy Award 'Wall of Honour' is currently displayed at the club and was opened by past winner and Australian cricketer Graham McKenzie in 1992.

We would love to see you down at our club to have a chance to view our incredible sporting history.

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